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9962 Liberty Road
Randallstown, MD 2133
Phone: 410-655-1644


Randallstown Kids Childcare Center uses the highly effective HighReach Learning Program. The HighReach Learning curricular approach is based on the following: relationship-based learning, early childhood research and theory, emergent curriculum development, project-focused play investigations, interventional planning and teaching strategies, involving families, culture and community. Your children can be enrolled either on full-time or part-time basis from 7am – 6pm daily.

Infant Care

The Infant program contains lots of opportunities for early exploration and discovery. Your little one will be exposed to experiences that involve motor, sensory and social stimulation through talking, playing, moving, singing, reading and many more.

We believe that it is crucial to develop the physical, emotional, social and cognitive aspects of your child in their early stages in order to develop a wide variety of skills such as:

  • Motor skills
  • Language acquisition and development
  • Sensory stimulation and awareness
  • Visual development
  • Self-help skills, and many more


Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and we use theirs specific curiosities this to forge a solid foundation in which to build their skills for life. Our toddler curriculum is composed of active learning through hands-on activities, play, self-exploration and socialization.


Our kindergarten curriculum serves to develop language and social navigation skills to promote confidence and to prepare them for school life. Essential readiness skills are fostered through play, self-investigation and self-direction.

After School

We accept children until 15 years of age for our after school program. Randallstown Kids Childcare Center caters to a wide range of mixed-age group needs. We combine standards-based learning, family connection components, teaching support materials in order to enhance their learning experiences and to broaden their socialization opportunities.


Your child’s learning experiences can further be enhanced through our enrichment curriculum. We plan lessons by providing individual strategies in order to capture their interests. Their developmental needs can be catered through fun and a conducive learning environment.

If you have questions or inquiries, please give us a call at 410-655-1644 To visit us, you may Schedule a Tour online so we can accommodate you.

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