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9962 Liberty Road
Randallstown, MD 2133
Phone: 410-655-1644


1.) Where are you located?
Randallstown Kids Childcare Center is located at 9962 Liberty Road, Randallstown, Maryland 2133, 5 minutes from Owning Mills, inside Kings Point Square Mall.
2.) Can we visit you in your location?
Yes, you can. However, we would prefer that you Schedule a Tour with us first so we can accommodate you.
3.) What is the curriculum you use?
Randallstown Kids Childcare Center uses the highly-effective HighReach Learning Program.
4.) What is the HighReach Learning Curriculum about and what makes it different?
You can read more about it, by clicking here.
5.) I have many more questions, who should I talk to?
You may give us a call by dialing 410-655-1644.
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